A story, first...
A story, first...
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Key features of our games

Adult games are not kids games

Without denigrating or criticizing anyone, we must admit that what is generally called an 'adult game' is often of a rather distressing level. It is quite obvious that a game must remain a game, that is to say a way to relax and have fun. But do we have to leave aside the majority of our neurons in total lethargy for this? Between the implausibilities and the nonsense, it's often very difficult not to give up. In any case, as far as I am concerned.

Everything, right away!

I often have the unpleasant impression that games have been designed by computer-savvy preteens, often rather good programmers, sometimes with real artistic talent, but unable (or in too much of a hurry) to take the time to elaborate and develop stories that make sense.

What about consistency?

Writing a novel, a short story or a game means thinking about the story line, giving consistency to the characters and the plot, and above all not taking the readers and/or players for fools. Some authors manage to do this. I'd like to be one of those.

eHell, the mockingjay

Everyday life is sometimes boring, that's true! But if you look at it with lightness and humour, she can be an amazing inspiring source, helping to build incredible, or wacky or weird stories…
That’s what I’ll be trying to do.
I don’t pretend to be a good or skilled author, able to elaborate sophisticated stories, so I'll just start with short fictions, some visual novels with a bit of gameplay, so that I maybe can fool you and drive you to the unexpected.
Hope you’ll have fun...

Realistic characters.

No anatomies that defy the laws of modern physics.
Women can walk without falling forward, and men can wear normal pants.

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Two games, still in progress

It could be worse page!
Think Twice

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  • Engine
  • All the Starter benefits plus even more exclusive and hot content, the opportunity to order custom scenes, and exclusive access one week before release.
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  • Turbo
  • All the previous advantages plus access to personalized support and private discussions about the game and its development (chat), your name as a contributor in the game's credits, and of course the earliest access before the rest of the world!
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